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Use Case: Cultural Heritage Professionals

Neatline for:

  • Create exhibits to educate the public about a site or person or archival object or collection.
  • Create exhibits to raise awareness about issues related to a site/person/archival collection.

See other work by Cultural Heritage Professionals:

Steps for getting started:

  1. Install Omeka by following the instructions in their Installation guide. For a list of Hosting Services, see here.
  2. Add the Neatline plugin to your Omeka instance: Neatline Installation Guide. For Omeka’s full plugin installation guide, see here.
  3. After installing Neatline, access the plugin by clicking on the “Neatline” tab on the left-hand navigation panel of the Omeka admin dashboard.
  4. Create your first Neatline exhibit: Creating Exhibits.
  5. See basics for managing Neatline exhibits: Managing Exhibits.
  6. Build your Neatline exhibit content in the Neatline editor: Editor Overview.
  7. Add records to your Neatline exhibit: Records Overview, Creating Neatline Records.
  8. Publish your Neatline exhibit to your public Omeka site: Publishing Exhibits.

Optional Neatline Widgets